Broken, Ashamed and hard hearted but still loved

Will it be called love if God only loved the righteous? Would it be a sincere act of lending His hand to help, if His help was only constricted to the righteous? By no means! He wouldn’t have been called holy or declare Himself holy if His love was only manifested to the righteous. Certainly if it was, he would have been no different from us who have an individualistic, self-help attitude that has plagued us of recent years due to the socially constructed culture of success we have been judging each other by. You and l are very different from God. We are only willing to help and love those who we know our efforts will be replicated. For a long time l have tried to understand how Jesus managed to maintain His altruistic nature and how His nature benefited those around him, l don’t think l will ever fully understand his nature but l know He will make known to me a part of Him He knows will help me on my journey to salvation (This applies to everyone). They are people we come across who have left the presence of God and have ceased the desire to serve him because of many reasons. Some because of an action they committed, they feel ashamed to face the throne of God since the sin they have committed is an ongoing act that they have prayed for and wanted to stop. These give up on God because they feel they have failed him. Others end up with no strength to follow Christ because they have been through a lot of pain (loss of a job, loss of a loved one, sickness etc.). Because they have not seen the hand of help from God they give up on God and feel betrayed by Him that they leave his presence. For those who have left his presence because of this, know this, God will break you to mend you. He will bring all kinds of troubles your way so that He can show you how untrustworthy your human nature is, when he knows that you are ready to leave all flesh and become alive in the spirit (Romans 8 vs. 13), He will restore your joy to the fullest. A good example could be that of Job. Lastly others, God bless their souls, will completely leave His presence due to a hardened heart and stubbornness to change. All these people especially those of a stubborn heart we choose not to help or ignore because of our value of individualism, thinking our happiness comes above all. But friend to give is to gain, and the more we are selfless the greater out reward (think of Jesus who gave up everything to die for a people who did not care for Him, His reward, ‘all of creation’ to rule). God help us all that we may have a sincere heart to help these souls back to Him. Sometimes the broken, the shameful and those who everyone is able to see their sin don’t need our rebuke. The souls of these people are lost and believe me that they try day and night to be better and they realize the hurt their actions cause to themselves. The last thing they need is our rebuke. When we refuse to see change in these people and shut our hearts to them, they drift further away from God and on the last day we will be answerable to their sins, for we ignored their need and our responsibility as Christians. The souls of these people sometimes just need our encouragement and our sincere heart, telling them that they can become better. By doing this friends we may never know, we might be making a dream of a broken-hearted man become a reality. When Jesus told the woman whose sin everyone could see (Luke 7 vs. 48) that her sins were forgiven instead of rebuking her, He opened the door of change to her heart. See we all ought to ask God to help us see through his reality, let us become people who hear a repentant heart and a lost heart. We should all pray to be a little selfless and loving. A common mistake we usually make is to think that no one is selfless, which is expected when everyone else around us cares about themselves, people like Lot and Joseph who will do the right thing even when everyone around them is not exist. So even if we are not altruistic it will not stop their existence neither does the fact that we have never met them. In 1 Kings 19 verse 14 Elijah a good man in God’s presence who through tribulation thought he was justified to keep away from his duty and hide made this mistake. This man felt betrayed by his people you can hear it in his words “l, even l only, am left; and they seek my life, to take it away”. But God who will always reveal everything to us (Amos 3 vs. 7) showed him his error in thinking that no one righteous is left in 1 Kings 19 verse 18. So, dear friends they are still people who are selfless and do good and their actions will be a testimony for us on the day of judgement, my hope is that you and I are not condemned by the actions of these altruistic men.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.